The Truth About Interest Rates

What is your interest rate ? This is a bigger question than it appears to be. When asked, many lenders will immediately quote the lowest rate they have available, knowing that only a select few will actually qualify for it. Their objective is to get you to start the loan process. It’s like a new car that’s advertised at a very low price, but it’s never there when you get to the dealership.

It’s almost impossible to quote an accurate interest rate without knowing a borrower’s situation, credit history, income information and reasons for borrowing. We do quote rates at 7 Day Loan Service; we just like it to mean something when we do. We think it’s important to understand exactly what our clients really want so we can arrange a loan that will work well for them and serve their purposes.

7 Day Loan Service is affiliated with a number of Hard Money Lenders in California that allow us to offer flexible loan options for our clients.

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