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7 Day Loan Service is a Commercial Hard Money Lender providing Private Money Loans, also known as Hard Money Loans, on a variety of commercial properties including multifamily, retail, office buildings and other property types. We have been in business since 1989 and have helped many borrowers obtain financing.

Private Money Loans and Hard Money Loans differ from bank and institutional loans in several ways. Institutional lenders have many considerations, including property type and condition, borrower’s income and credit history, etc. If any of these and other criteria don’t fit into their guidelines, a credit denial is likely. Even if a loan is approved, the terms are usually set within their strict parameters and may or may not be suitable for a borrower’s situation.

Commercial Private Hard Money Lenders are interested primarily in equity. If there is sufficient equity in a commercial property, there is usually a way to approve a loan. Since equity is the main criterion in the approval process, loans can be processed more quickly and efficiently. Hard Money Commercial Loans are funded by private investors. These investors only care about two things: Is my investment safe and will I get a fair return on my investment. Private investors can be extremely flexible when a borrower needs special terms to fit a particular situation. If a private investor is comfortable with a loan scenario, he/she will approve and fund the loan. It’s that simple.

Of course, there is a tradeoff. Hard money rates are higher than bank rates and the term is usually shorter than a bank’s. This is to be expected. But time is money, and if a loan can be obtained in two weeks instead of three months, the funds can be utilized sooner and that can sometimes be less expensive in the long run.

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